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21st-century challenges to strategic management

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There are numerous challenges in strategic management, including whether the process is more an art or a science, whether strategies should be transparent to stakeholders, or whether the process should be top down or bottom up. Found article that discusses a 21st century challenge for strategic management. Explain the challenge in one or two paragraphs and cite the source. Then answer the following questions:

As a decision maker, what are the potential organizational impacts to a response?
As a decision maker, how would I learn enough about the challenge to make an informed decision?
Substantiate your points with credible resources.

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One very important 21st-century challenge for strategic management is being able to capitalize on newly developed technology efficiently and effectively. This challenge involves organizational leaders being able to be recognize what new technology would be most pertinent to be incorporated into their organization's operational paradigm, as well as to be able to implement this new technology effectively into their organization's operational paradigm as well. Another component of this challenge involves organizations being able to make it possible for their staff members to be able to utilize this new technology effectively, which will require that organizational leadership select the most effective and efficient training methodologies for the utilization of this new technology.(www.ehow.com>...> Other Business Management/What Are Three 21st-Century ...

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This solution describes some 21st-century challenges to strategic management.

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