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    Security Challenges Associated with Terrorism

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    Discuss contemporary security challenges for the 21st Century that face the United States and other industrialized nations.

    List examples of federal regulations and HSPDs that were implemented to deter and prevent attacks against the U.S.

    Assess whether the current statutory and presidential directives provide the needed protection for our homeland?

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    Hi Jim,
    Still surviving? You can do it. Don't panic over the time limit. As they say in sniper school, breathe, get your timing right. Now, as with the other 3, I am going to advise you to simplify. Your suggested outline:

    1. 21st Century Challenges (center on 2 - I suggest Cyberterrorism and lone-wolf terrorism) - 300 words
    2. Federal regulation and HSPDS (list 2 each) - 200 words
    3. Opinion - 200 words

    This section can be taxing in that you can detail so much that are applicable. Remember however that you are limited by word count and you should only exemplify. The solution below should get you started. All the best!

    AE 105878/Xenia Jones

    21st Century Challenges

    While the 60's was marked by the challenge of the Cold War and the threat of communism and nuclear war, the late 20th century and early 21st century was marked by the threat of terrorism. I am of the belief that the main challenge of the 21st century is the management and deployment of technologies that can create disruption and destruction of global infrastructures due to the threat of terrorism. Another threat I believe that we must look to is the rise of the radicalised lone-wolves, individuals who, without membership in any command structure and organization have the skills to plan and act a terrorist attack in the promotion as well as support of extreme ideas. The 2004 National Response Plan (NRP) released by then DHS Secretary Tom Ridge included Cyber threats and Cyber Concerns in its Incident Annex (PDF pages 345-349). Cyber concerns in the NRP weighs in similarly to biological, nuclear, HazMats, Agricultural and catastrophic concerns making Cyber terrorism a primary agenda in the NRP. The importance of Cyber Concerns to the NRP is presented in page 346 were concepts are defined:

    "A ...

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    The solution provides information, assassinate and advise in tacking the task (see above) on the topic of terrorism with a focus on contemporary security challenges for the 21st Century that face the United States and other industrialized nations. Current statutory and president directives are also discussed in relation to homeland protection. Resources are listed for further exploration of the topic. The solution has been written for a graduate student currently serving in the US military.