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    SWOT Analysis and Annotated Outline

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    These assignments are specific to the last few assignments you helped me with (Annotated Bibliography and Market Analysis) and the Pocahontas Memorial hospital. Please complete a SWOT Analysis for the hospital. For the SWOT analysis make sure to look at all aspect of Pocahontas Memorial Hospital and assess at its entirety.

    Create an Annotated Outline. The outline should include the four sections (introduction, assessment, recommendation, conclusion), with sources from your reference list (Annotated Bibliography you completed for me) linked to the appropriate section. Your outline should be detailed and specific. 2-3 pages in length. Thank you so much for your help!

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    PMH has many strengths and some weaknesses as well as opportunities for advancement in the future, which could be threatened by external forces. Therefore, a SWOT analysis will need to be conducted by the hospital. One of the main strengths associated with the hospital is the extraordinary amount of local support that the hospital has received. Customer satisfaction in healthcare is a major indicator of whether a hospital is delivering quality care, and PMH has some of the highest customer satisfaction within the healthcare industry. This has been true to the extent that residents have even financially supported the hospital through fundraisers and other events during periods of financial instability that threatened the hospital's future or natural disasters. Therefore, the community is the hospital's biggest strength.

    Rural hospitals such as PMH have severe weaknesses associated with staffing, and PMH is no different in this category. This is the main weakness, but other weaknesses are also very important. The overutilization of the ER by patients who can't afford other forms of healthcare and can't pay their bills is also very problematic. This is the impetus for building a comprehensive satellite healthcare clinic. Because of significant shortages, many nurses suffer from burnout and this can result in high rates of employee turnover. In collusion with too many ER patients, this results in the hospital being unable to retain nurses while also losing money because of a lack of reimbursements from non-paying patients. If the hospital can't provide sufficient staffing, it could suffer problems regarding meeting the regulations and standards for the new provisions under the ACA. The two weaknesses are inadequate staffing and over-utilization of the ER. The hospital is facing a shortage in healthcare providers that is endemic to rural hospitals and significantly threatens its ability to survive in the 21st century. The passage of the ACA requires hospitals to possess the ability to provide quality access to all patients, and current staffing levels at PMH cannot provide this to patients. Therefore, it has a weakness attracting quality doctors, nurses, etc. to work in its remote rural location.

    The opportunities that exist for the ...

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