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Disability Discrimination: Utility Company Case Study

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William worked for a utilities company, Power, Inc., in an installation and maintenance position which sometimes required that William use man-lift equipment and climb utility poles. William was obese, and the utility company had safety regulations that required that employees who worked in William's position not weigh more than the load limits of the equipment that was regularly used in that position. William weighed more than the safe load limits of the equipment used in his position, so his supervisor made sure that the job assignments given to William did not require him to use the man lift equipment or to climb utility poles. As part of a regular workers' compensation insurance review, the insurance company for Power, Inc. determined that William's weight presented an unreasonable risk of injury if he continued to work in the installation and maintenance position, so William's supervisor advised William that he would have to lose weight in order to continue being employed by Power, Inc. Although William tried to lose weight, he was not able to lose enough to satisfy the insurance company. William said his inability to lose weight was due to the fact that he suffered from a lack of self-confidence and that he had never been able to control his weight. When William did not lose the weight necessary for him to perform his duties safely as determined by the insurance company, he was terminated. Did Power, Inc. improperly discriminate against William on the basis of a disability?

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This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of how William should be treated by Power Inc. The response also contains the sources used.

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Power Inc has improperly discriminated against William on the basis of disability. Obesity is currently regarded as a disability by the EEOC. Power Inc should have provided reasonable accommodation to William at the place of installation and maintenance (a). The other reasonable accommodation that ...

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