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EEOC: Discrimination & Severely Obese

Search the EEOC website (www.eeoc.gov) for the most recent weight or appearance cases. Summarize the most egregious case and settlement. What EEO law(s) applied to the case? What kind of organization was involved? Did the organization have a clear diversity program? What could the employee have done differently? What could the employer have done differently?

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The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) found the company; Resources for Human Development, guilty of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act after the company fired an employee because of her disability, severe obesity. A resource for Human Development is a company that operates treatment facilities for chemically dependent women and their children nationwide. The employee was wrongly terminated, the EEOC found. The employee was able to perform the essential functions of her job. The court found that severe obesity was not impairment for doing the employee's job but that severe obesity may qualify as a disability. The EEOC ...

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This solution, with APA formatted reference, discusses a recent weight case from the EEOC website. It summarizes case and settlement. It explains the EEO law applied to the case, the kind of organization that was involved and if the organization have a clear diversity program. It explains what the employee and employer could have done differently.