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The Role of the EEOC in Discrimination Complaints and Suits

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The EEOC is the prime federal regulatory agency responsible for ensuring workplace equity. Describe the role of the EEOC and choosing one element of category of Discrimination by Type such as; Age, Disability, National Origin, etc., explain the role of the EEOC in that category and the responsibilities of employers in that category.

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The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is an agency within the executive branch of the Federal Government. Its purpose is to educate all employers and employees of their rights and responsibilities toward one another as they relate to proper and improper treatment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older) , disability or genetic information, and to facilitate any applicable discrimination claims. There are related offices in every state, and if a person feels that he or she is discriminated against on the basis of the above criteria, this agency will assist in determining through counseling whether or not there are grounds for filing a formal complaint, or if an alternative dispute ...

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The role of the EEOC in discrimination complaints and suits is discussed, including a very recent EEOC settlement involving Thai farm workers in Hawaii, who were mistreated and suffered discrimination.