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Polygraph test legality case study

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Taylor is applying for a position as a teller at First Bank and Trust Company of Tinseltown. He submits a resume and attends an interview with the human resources department and, a few days later, gets a call from the human resources department telling him that he has moved to the next level of consideration that involves him taking a polygraph test. Does the requirement that Taylor take a polygraph test to be further considered for this position violate any law? Why, or why not? What law is involved?

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The law that will be violated if the employee is forced to take a polygraph exam for employment is the federal Employee Polygraph Protection Act. This law was initiated and implemented into circulation in 1988 and it outlawed employers using lie detectors in connection with employment except for in jobs requiring employees to be involved in ...

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Discussion on legality of polygraph test and its history.

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