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Testing of Hypothesis

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On pg. 612
#4 The accuracy of Polygraph Tests The data in the accompanying table summarize results from tests of the accuracy of polygraphs (based on data from the Office of Technology Assessment). Use a 0.05 significance level to test claim that whether the subject lies is independent of the polygraph indication. What do the results suggest about the effectiveness of polygraphs

Polygraph Indicated Polygraph Indicated
Truth Lie

Subject actually told truth
Subject actually told lie

65 15
3 17

On pg. 613
#8. No Smoking. The accompanying table summarizes successes and failures when subjects used different methods in trying to stop smoking. The determination of smoking or not smoking was made five months after the treatment was begun, and the data are based on results from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that success is independent of the method used. If someone wants to stop smoking, does the choice of the method make a difference?

Nicotine Gum Nicotine Patch
Not smoking 191 263
59 57

#12 pg 465

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations mandated that hospitals ban smoking by 1994. In a study of the effects of this ban, subjects who smoke were randomly selected from two different populations. Among 843 smoking employees of hospitals with the smoking ban, 56 quit smoking one year after the ban. Among 703 smoking employees from workplaces with out a smoking ban, 27 quit smoking a year after the ban (based on data from "Hospital Smoking Bans and Employee Behavior")

? Is there a significant difference between the two proportions at a 0.05 significance level?
? Is there a significant difference between the two proportions at a 0.01 significance level?
? Does it appear that the ban had an effect on the smoking quit rate?

#20 pg 549

Tar and Nicotine: Refer to Data Set 5
a) Use the paired data consisting of tar (x) and nicotine (y). What is the best predicted nicotine level for a cigarette with 15 mg of tar?
b) Use the paired data consisting of carbon monoxide (x) and nicotine (y). What is the best predicted nicotine level for a cigarette with 15mg of carbon monoxide?

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The solution contains testing of hypothesis problems using Chi Square test for Independence and Test of proportions.

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Given the following sample information, test the hypothesis that the treatment means are equal at the .05 significance level.

Treatment 1 Treatment 2 Treatment 3

8 3 3
11 2 4
10 1 5
3 4

A. State the null hypothesis and the alternate hypothesis.

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