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Unions: Employer Conduct and the Law

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What types of employer conduct with respect to unions does the law prohibit? Do you agree with these prohibitions?

What role do you believe unions have in today's economy?

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When there is union involvement or the beginning of union organization in the workplace, there are several acts that are prohibited by the employer. Essentially, the employer cannot act in a way to prohibit the union from forming. An employer cannot cease operations or engage in a total shutdown in order to avoid union interference or organization. An employer also cannot treat employees differently that have decided to become part of the union, compared to the employees that have remained non-unionized. Discrimination in this ...

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This solution discusses the types of conduct that are and are not prohibited from an employer, in regards to union activity. The solution also discusses the role that unions have in today's economy, and if the law regarding unions and employer conduct is fair or weighted towards one party.

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