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    trade unions

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    Discuss: While trade union may have been necessary a hundred years ago the Enlightenment of modern employers makes them unnecessary.

    Create an introduction, a thesis, support and conclusion.

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    While trade union may have been necessary a hundred years ago the Enlightenment of modern employers makes them unnecessary discuss

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    A hundred years ago the trade unions played an important part in the industry of our country. They negotiated the salary, hours of work, safety standards, and benefits. Both the employees and the employers benefited from their existence. Better wages and conditions of work led to higher productivity and so greater benefits for the employers. However, the situation now has changed. The employer is enlightened. He knows the labor law and avoids breaking it. He also knows the methods that must be used to motivate employees and uses these methods. These bring benefits both to the employer and the employee. In such a situation there is little place for trade unions. They upset productivity based actions. They object to benefits and rewards and come in way of increasing investment. In an environment where employers seek to be ethical, respect stakeholder rights, and motivate employees to work harder and better, trade unions with their rigid outlook have become unnecessary.
    While a hundred years ago trade unions were necessary, with the enlightenment of the modern employers trade unions have become unnecessary.
    Trade unions were necessary a hundred years ago when the workers were treated badly and that led to exploitation of workers. At that time the workers were paid very low wages, benefits were almost non existent, and workers were made to work for long hours without rest or respite. Those that worked very long hours were not even given adequate overtime. What is important is that the trade unions gave employee grievances a voice. They bargained for the essential rights of the workers. The trade unions were able to secure fair wages for the employees and in general reduced unfair treatment to employees. However a hundred years ago the labor laws were rudimentary and the owners treated workers as objects that were to be make the most of. Even from the perspective of employees there were several benefits in having unions. The employers found it convenient to negotiation issues with one union leader. In addition, if the employees got what was due to them and felt secure because of the union the employees performed better and this increased the productivity of labor. The employer felt relieved when he dealt with the unions because it protected him from wild cat strikes and unexpected picketing and overtime bans. This was one hundred years ago.
    Now the enlightenment of the employer has made trade unions redundant. On one hand the employer has become enlightened because of the numerous laws pertaining to employment. On the other hand the need to attract, train, and retain the best workers has changed the attitude of employers towards workers and has make trade unions redundant. At the same time since trade ...

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