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Public Administration: Unions' Roles in Improving Employee Relations

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Describe three unions' roles of improving employee relations with regards to the organizations they represent/belong to.

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Roles of Unions

Trade union represents the group of workers, who have joined together for their common interest to achieve common goals. Trade union are formed and run by their members. Trade union helps to protect the job and earning of workers and provide better working conditions. Union are design to protect on social and economic welfare of their members. Main objectives of the union are to protect the interest of workers, facilitate safe work environment and to build good conversation between employees and employers (Shelley & Calveley, 2007). Unions help to improve work relationship within the organization in the following way:

Build Trust: Relation between employees and employers is based on trust. Trust is considered as the most important aspect of every relationship. Role of union is to create trust among employees and employers. Employees want to protect their rights on job and better working condition. Unions ...

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