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differences between public and private sector labor relation

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What are some of the major differences between public and private sector labor relations? Refer to case study 13.2 when framing your response which I will attach. Also, refer to the questions at the end of the case study in order to help you think about your response, please just don't answer the questions, provide a list of sources used, if applicable.

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This explanation provides you a comprehensive argument relating to differences between public and private sector labor relations

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Major differences between private and public sector labor relations concern the objectives of the Public Sector and the Private Sector. Public sector seeks to deliver services effectively to the public whereas the private sector seeks to maximize profits. Public sector needs to polish up an impeccable image because it affects the quality of services delivered. There is also a difference in the manner in which workplace nexus can be established. In the private sector workplace nexus is established if off-duty conduct and employer's business concerns are affected. This can be shown by establishing that off-duty conduct can hurt employers business, harm the employee's ability to do her job or leads other workers to refuse to work. In case of public sector this nexus is established if the employee's presence affects the quality of service delivered or the image of the government.

In private sector an employee can get fired because of arrests or convictions but not because of indictments. In case of Federal employees, only convictions can lead to firing. There are some exceptions ...

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