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Human resource management

1.What is employee/labor relations? What is HR's role in maintaining effective working relationships with unions? How can HR develop proactive policies that reduce the likelihood of union organizations?

2.Does anyone have Standard Operating Procedures to document training?

3.What are some common problems when administering employee policies in an organization? What are the controversies surrounding employment-at-will? How effective are the employee relations programs in your organization? Why or why not?

4. What compromises a performance management system? What are the major methods for measuring performance? How effective is the performance management system being used by your organization? Why or why not?

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// Human Resource are one of the most important assets of the Company. Therefore, managing human resource is one of the most important functions of the Organization. To answer queries related to the human resource management, we have to study all the aspects. In the first question, we would be describing the importance of managing employee labor relations.//

Employee/labor relations are an integral part of the social relations which arises out of employer- employee interaction in modern industries. It is based on mutual compromise and adjustment for the benefit of the organization. It facilitates harmonious relations in an organization by setting a framework for the management and its employees. The state and legal system play an important role in maintaining conflict free industrial environment. Employee relations facilitate workers participation in management and ensure collective bargaining for the employees through trade unions.

HR plays a significant role in maintaining effective working relations with the unions as it supports and maintains the functions of the trade unions. It organizes the meetings of the trade unions and the employers. It helps in giving recognition to the trade unions and managing the negotiation of agreements between the employer and the employees. HR protects the interests of the members of the unions. The HR works in coordination with the union to improve employee productivity. The HR department helps in maintaining healthy relations between the employers and the unions (Camelo, Martin, Romer & Valle, 2004).

Unions are there to protect the interest of the workers in the organization. They safeguard the political interest of the workers and ensure them a fair and equal wage for their work. But, if the HR department develops proactive policies this will reduce the work and interference of the unions in the organization's ...

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