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Affirmative action vs. equal employment opportunity

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Just looking for a page or two to start a discussion/journal based on the following:

Why do we as a society still need Affirmative Action? Isn't Equal Employment Opportunity sufficient to prevent workplace discrimination?

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These are a variety of ideas about EEO and affirmative action.

Because, despite advances, companies and leaders will consciously or unconsciously discriminate against others based on looks, age, gender, color, race. This should be less of an issue today as companies expand and extend into new places and new markets, but often it is not. The gains of affirmative action are the positives of letting those of diverse populations have opportunities to work and get ahead. It also makes it possible for companies to learn about the gains that come from diversity. More ideas and different types of solutions come from people with various skills and backgrounds.

Incredibly, affirmative action can cause reverse discrimination. This is a problem where companies, especially those ...

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The following posting discusses affirmative action and equal employment opportunity.

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