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    Career Information Resource Guide

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    Career Information Resource Guide Template

    Please assist me on listing six resources that can assist on creating template for career information, and write a brief description of the site/sources, explaining how one would use the information, and designate the client population for which it would be appropriate.

    The name of the website, the type or category of resources, the affiliate organizations, the group or population resource is intended to serve, the goals and objective applied resource, activities, assignments, or tasks to assist client in achieving these goals and objectives, strengths of the resource, weakness of the resource.

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    Solution Summary

    The solution provides information, assistance and advise in tackling the task (see above) fof putting together a Career Information Resource Guide by provision of 6 useful resources. The solution's aim is to help provide a template for career information with each source being provided a brief description and guidance on how each would be utilized best, including their strengths and weaknesses as resources.