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    Career management basic steps

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    What is career management? What are the basic steps involved in a career management system? What is the manager's role in a career management system?

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    Career management is a process where one takes necessary steps to improve, enhance or change his/her career within the career marketplace or within the company that one is already a part of. Following are the steps involved in the career management system:

    1. Start by understanding growth in the career marketplace or understanding growth in the company you are already part of

    a. Everyone is a talent:
    i. Growth mind shift
    ii. Organizational growth under-pinned by individual growth
    iii. Continue to grow
    b. Evaluating Potential
    i. Performance / Execution
    ii. Leadership Attributes
    iii. Ability to navigate complexity
    iv. Emotional Intelligence

    2. Get Your head in the Game
    a. Plan to make a move
    i. Fence-sitting is uncomfortable and unproductive
    ii. Block off the time to commit to your career management strategy
    iii. If applicable, be open about your intentions with your current leader
    iv. Work through trusted networks
    v. Be replaceable

    3. Understand what skills, qualifications and/or expertise are required
    a. Collect and organize information
    i. People are the primary research resource
    ii. Find out about the future Critical Skills
    iii. Career Evolution
    iv. Career websites / Career Alerts
    v. Be open to finding information where you don't expect it
    vi. Networking ...

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