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    Career Development Plan Analysis

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    I need about 950 words career development plan that talk about the following.

    a. Career goals and objectives

    b. Possible promotional opportunities for career growth

    c. Methods for career management

    d. An inventory of current skills, abilities, training, and education

    e. Job satisfaction attributes

    f. Identification of three action steps to reaching stated career goals and objectives

    g. Identification of potential barriers to reaching stated career goals

    h. Analyze the affect of career training programs

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    Many times we meet people who are not happy with their jobs. Some of the reasons can be dislike of their work schedule, dislike of a colleague, or dislike of their boss. In reality, these reasons can guide an employee to the underlying reasons of job dissatisfaction of which the employee has never thought to his/her career goals and objectives.

    Change is constant in life and in profession. A person's basic career goals should include upgrading his or her knowledge and resources so that he/she can offer better service to the business and to the clients. Another is the financial aspect. It is important that one is paid with an amount that is worth the job position for the company. If one is underpaid, he/she may become frustrated and this will show in his work ethics and method. If he/she is overpaid, then he/she may become lethargic and may not produce as much as when first hired. Therefore the financial aspect is one of the most important factors to be considered in career goals. Satisfaction is also important so one must make sure that he or she is completely satisfied with the job that he or she is doing. Another important career goal is to accumulate experiences because these new knowledge, experiences and skills add to a person's qualifications. Another goal is to be able to work in a stable company so that he feels secured not only of his present needs but also of the future.

    How does one build himself/herself up so that he/she can be eligible for promotion? One way is to build a track record by taking and completing projects ...

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