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Five Year Career Development Plan

Five-Year Career Development Plan

I want to open up my own High end Jewelry store.
Prepare a five-year career development plan. Your plan should include the following:
a. Career goals and objectives
b. Possible promotional opportunities for career growth
c. An inventory of current skills, abilities, training, and education
d. Job satisfaction attributes
e. Identification of three action steps to reaching stated career goals and objectives
f. Identification of potential barriers to reaching stated career goals
An Analysis of the affect of career training programs

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A Career Development Plan is considered the road map that takes an individual from point A - choosing an occupation - to point B - becoming employed in that occupation. It even helps them get past point B, to points C through Z as they grow in their career. The plan also helps individuals set realistic expectations of career growth by suggesting time frames for certain milestones to happen (like education and promotions) and identify areas that they need to develop before becoming eligible for their next career milestone. It is important to note though, Career Development Plans are just plans; they do not represent career commitments to the individual, a manager or a business owner.

Regardless of the career an individual is considering or already actively involved in, it is no doubt in a competitive environment. Careers are all based upon human resource supply and demand within their chosen field, and once an individual has entered the field, the competition to advance professionally increases greatly and having clearly defined objectives will be advantageous. Although some individuals are capable of establishing successful careers without creating any formal career objectives, individuals that create career development plans have an advantage over those who do not.

Several advantages to setting career objectives, at the various stages in the pre-career and career cycle exist. Ideally, Career Development Planning should start before searching for and apply to perspective employers. After that, it is worth reviewing those objectives on a regular basis such as annually or when a career change is impending. The following are just a few of the advantages of setting career plans:

? It forces an individual to think clearly about their future career, the specific field in which they wish to work, the position they want to hold, the skills needed and the work involved in getting prepared.
? Through performing such a detailed review of the career and your individual skills, you may discover that you are not well suited for the particular field.
? Establishing a career plan and writing it down shows that you are serious about your future and what you want to achieve.
? Regular monitoring will help to discern when an individual ...

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