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Performance and Career Management and development

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Imagine that you have recently been promoted to a midlevel management position, and your upper-level manager has revealed that your team will be restructured. Your team will take on new responsibilities that require the hiring of additional personnel and will require training for new and current employees. Your manager also wants to consider better methods for appraising the team's performance. Your task is to compose a proposal to be delivered to upper management regarding how this restructure will be designed and implemented.

Kudler Fine Foods case study as the context for this assignment.

? Resources: The Career Development Plan III?Performance and Career Management and the Career Development Plan IV?Compensation assignments
? Write a proposal explaining the recommendations and justifications to upper management for the following:

o The job descriptions and qualifications for five new positions (including one first-level management position)

o A training program to introduce and enhance the skills and qualifications of new and current employees

o Methods for evaluating employee and team performance, including a progressive discipline process.

o Challenges of the team performance evaluation, including

? differences between the two appraisal systems.
? difficulties of evaluating team performance.
? unique needs of a team appraisal system.
? team motivations and expectations.
? individual equity and how it affects team performance.
? strategies to discourage social loafing.
? individual employee responsibilities towards the team.

o Incentives and benefits packages

o Strategies for managing employees' career development, such as promotions, educational opportunities, accommodations for diversity, and so on.

o A fair and appropriate compensation plan

Need references used and a good start helping with this.

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Performance and career management and development is examined.

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