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Human resource management: career development

What is the benfits to an origanization or individual having a formalized career development system?

Should career development activities be integrated with other human resource management activities?

What criteria should be considered to evaluate a good candidate for promotion?


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Career development is very important or an individual or even an organization. I will look at it from the individual point of view first.

A person strives to have a successful career. That brings them joy, self-actualization and makes them feel worthy. If a person is stuck in a rut, is unhappy with their job and starts to loose interest then their performance will lag, and it will show in the quality of their work. With career development a person can learn how to develop their skills, change their attitudes, learn new skills.. and all this will help them feel better and work better.

Some career development tools include ...

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This posting looks at several issues surrounding career developments. It examines the need to have formalized career development system, and looks at criteria for promotion.