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    Career Management Plan

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    Continuing with the information you used for your course PowerPoint Presentations, outline a career management plan for your organization. Make sure you introduce and define a career management plan, establish short-term and long-term goals, and summarize the benefits of a career management plan at both the individual and organizational level.

    600 word min. APA format

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    //Career management is one of the key attributes of an organization. Not only it improvises the working atmosphere but creates a new scope for working in an organization. The Human Resource Development (HRD) department in an organization is responsible for the proper career management. Here we have discussed the importance of career management in an organization.//

    The proper functioning of the department is really important in terms of proper growth of the organization. It decreases the employee turnover, which is the ratio of the number of employees, who left the job to the number of employees, who replaced them (Russo, 2000). The decrement in the turnover is a positive aspect of the growth of the company. Hence, the career management not only decreases the employee turnover but increases the employee motivation and satisfaction by effectively planning for the success. So, a proper career management path, which includes an efficient HRD department, is the most desirable in an organization.

    The career management plan followed in an organization is based on its basic ...

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    The response addresses the query is posted in 663 words with APA References.