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    Career Management

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    What is meant by career management? And what are the roles of the key players that are involved in career management and development?

    In your opinion, who benefits from a well designed career management system? Support your opinion.

    What are the career stages that employees pass through during their working careers? Is it important for employers to be aware of these stages? Is there anything employers can do, or should do if they are aware of the different stages?

    Answer questions and give own opinion.

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    Career management refers to the process of managing one's professional career to reach one's desired career goals, such as achieving a certain professional position or reputation, acquiring financial stability or learning certain skill sets. This is achieved through a well-defined career management plan. The key players involved in career management are the individual and the employer. Additional stakeholders include the family and well-wishers of the individual. The individual's role in the career management process are to define the objectives of the career management process and define the plan for the same on the basis of consultation with the other stakeholders. The role of the employer is to be an active contributor to the career management process by providing guidance and support in the career planning process, opportunities to evolve professionally as per the plan and corrective feedback during the course of the ...

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    The writeup describes the objectives of Career Management including its goals and objectives, the stakeholders involved and their roles and relates Career Management to employees' working career stages with guidance for organizational intervention as per the career stages