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Organizational Change & Management

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Can you tell me what role organizational change out of: e-business management, global leadership, managerial economics, and financial methods play in a management career and professional development?

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This detailed solution explains the role organizations change plays in e-business management, global leadership, managerial economics and financial methods in management career and professional development. Includes APA formatted references.

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Organizational change is the dreaded occurrence of making changes in the structure of the organization to better suit business objectives. It is generally accompanied by foreboding and uneasiness, although it is a necessary evil in order to adapt and evolve with the market place. Organization change may be due to "market shifts, economic environment, technology advancements or changing work force skill-set demands" (Taylor, 2013). In order to successfully manage change in management career and professional development it is first of all important to understand the importance of looking ahead and predicting change, as well as anticipating change. One must understand market forces and dynamics that impact one's career and take action. During organizational change inevitably some employees fight the changes, others adapt and survive. Keeping an open mind and being a part of proactive change is important. One must continue to adapt to keep relevant. Organizational change is based upon the need to continue to update and ...

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