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    Technology's Impact on Organizational Change

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    Just like many other areas of business, organizational change has been impacted by technology. Address the following:

    - How has the need for organizational change consulting been impacted by technology?
    - How has the process of organizational change been impacted by technology?
    - Do you see these changes as positive or negative?
    - What specific types of software are used during the organizational-change process?
    - Predict how technology will continue to shape the area of organizational change management.

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    Need for organizational change consulting has been impacted by technology in the sense that new technologies have empowered change consultants to implement change strategies in a much more efficient and effective manner. For example, technology allows change consultants to offer solutions remotely via web enabled e-learning technologies. Similarly, technology allows change professionals to conduct extensive analysis with greater efficiency with the help of modern day software tools.

    Process of organizational change has been ...