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Human Resources Development

Why is management development one of the most common HRD activities found in organizations today? Do you think in the future it will become even more important or less?

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Management development is prevalent in organizations as a result of the consistent need for improvement. To maintain efficiency improvements from how management interacts with employees to how management implements change is paramount to an organizations forward progression. As with any organization improvement is an ongoing strategy that will never cease from being an organizations top priority. Organizations base their management development strategy on the basic necessities of the organization or the supplements used to make the organization successful.

Many organizations use development through experience to determine the best organizational practices or to use previous experiences as a guideline or an example of best or worst practices. "With this method, individuals are promoted into management jobs and allowed to learn on their own from periodic experiences" (Byars and Rue, 2004). Most organizations formulate a development plan to establish an adequate management team that is capable of fulfilling the organizations vision for the future. Enterprise ...

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The solution discusses why management development is one of the most common human resources development activities found in organizations today.