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Organizational changes that must be implemented

Give two examples of organizational changes that you think should be implemented through project management.

Organizational change is generally defined as making changes within an organization that will affect the way individuals and groups operate and interact (Schwartz, K, 2014, p 211).

Project management is a good tool for implementing organizational change. In some cases changes to the organization are intentional and the role of Organizational Change Management. A project manager would be essential in restructuring the scope and estimated completion time of the project in order to decrease spending. One possibility the project manager could take on is not investing in the newest technologies in order to avoid higher costs and further delays, especially since "newer technologies often introduce risks into the project"(Schwartz, K, 2014, et p 211).

"The scope control is effectively managing the difference between planned and actual performance within the project management plan, requirements documentations, requirements traceability matrix, work performance data, and organizational process assets; influence the factors that cause the scope to change and ensure changes are processed according to the developed procedures as part of the integrated change control ensuring they are handled when they occur" (Schwalbe, K, 2014, p.210-211).

In each case, explain why project management is the best method of implementing the change.

Project scope management is the best solution that ensures that the process is completed. "The main processes include the collecting requirements, defining the scope, creating the WBS, validating scope and controlling it" (Schwartz, K, 2014, p 216) This process is needed so that can be compiled and given to the stakeholders.

Explain how project managers should manage the changes resulting from an increase or decrease in the scope of an ongoing project.

As information is brought up that would potentially require changes in the increase or decrease of the scope, I think it to be important that, you as the project manager, do not allow this to happen unless a formal process takes place that includes changing the baselines to the overall project. Other items will need to be considered as well, like the increase or decrease in funding as well as concurrence from all the stakeholders.

Explain how project managers should manage the changes resulting from deadlines being brought forward or pushed back on an ongoing project.

As a project manager it is imperative to "adapt the process" (Schwartz, K, 2014, p.211) Therefore, a project manager would need to adjust the project to develop a new product if the original idea became outdated or irrelevant. This may require a great deal of facilitation on the manger's part: open communications, increased collaboration across teams, and a "focus on quality" (Schwartz, K, 2014, p.211).


Schwalbe, K. (2014). Information technology project management (7th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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