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Organizational Uncertainty

Consider Eastman Kodak and their organization in the face of uncertainty.

- Briefly describe the organization as well as the changes and challenges facing it.
- What kinds of organization behaviors could be implemented in response to these change based opportunities?
- Recommend the course of action you believe would be best for the organization.

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The organization undergoing change and or uncertainty is Eastman Kodak. This is an American technology company focused on imaging solutions and services. The company held a 89% market share of photographic film sales in the USA in the 1970 but the company faced problems in 1990s as the sales of photographic film declined. It could not move fast enough into digital photography. Kodak emerged from bankruptcy protection last September. It is a much smaller company and makes equipment for commercial printing and packaging after selling its business units including the photographic film business.
The current news about Eastman Kodak are that it is ...

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The answer to this problem explains changes and challenges facing an organization. The references related to the answer are also included.