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    Describe the power in an organization structure

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    Describe the power of a group or individual within an organization using the three variables discussed in "A Strategic Contingencies Theory of Intra-organizational Power," by Hickson et al. in the 1971 Administrative Science Quarterly. Also, discuss any factors that limit the explanatory usefulness of the Hickson et al. article.

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    According to Hickson et al. (1971), Intra-organizational power depends on three factors: problem skills, actor centrality and uniqueness of skill. If an individual has the skills and expertise to resolve important problems, then he or she is going to be in demand. Moreover, the law of supply and demand, that gives them the upper hand in negotiations. It also gives the individual power from the reciprocity created.

    To further demonstrate intra-organizational power in the workplace, and to reflect on the ...

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    An individual develops organizational power when given control over significant resources in the organization. Power is allocated according to individual characteristics, value, and skills.