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    Creating a culture in an organization

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    Describe the complexity of an organizational culture.

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    Robbins (2005), An organization's current customs, traditions, and general way of doing things are mainly due to what it has done before and the degree of success it has had with those endeavors (p. 492).

    Culture creation occurs in three ways. First, founders hire and keep only employees who think and feel the same way they do. Second, they indoctrinate and socialize these employees to their thinking and feeling. Moreover, finally, the founders' behavior acts as a role model that encourages employees to identify with them and thereby internalize their beliefs, values, and assumptions. When the organization succeeds, the founders' vision becomes seen as a primary ...

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    Organization culture affects the way employees interact with the organization. The complexity of the culture is the understanding of how the system works as it relates to employees and their behaviors.