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Organizational Culture and Organizational Spirituality

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1. Identify the factors responsible for creating organizational culture for transmitting it, and getting it to change.
2. Define organizational spirituality
3. What role if any does spirituality play in an organization.
4. Discuss the organizational spirituality within your organization.

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Organizational Culture refers to the values, beliefs and customs of an organization (wordiq.com, 2009). The culture of an organization determines the policies and guidelines that are in place, the organization's expectations, and the ways in which employees behave in order to carry out the mission of that organization. Therefore, employees are more likely to respond to stimulus (align with company goals) without the need for extensive procedures and bureaucracy when the organization has a strong culture. Consequently, managers can create a successful culture for change by developing practices that keep the employees motivated and committed to the organization. This includes: a. Define the organizational culture-When an organization's culture is well defined, employees are more likely to understand it and want to be part of it. b. Reward good behavior-Rewarding good behavior makes it more likely that ...

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The factors that shape organizational culture.

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I'm having a problem with:
1. setting up a new customer service standards.
2. setting up a customer base and describing customers needs and values.
3. What about the organization's culture appeals to you? okay
4. What values do you and the organization share?okay
5. Which of the seven primary characteristics of organizational culture does the organization embody????
6. Does the organization you identified have a strong or weak culture? Explain.
7. Is this culture ethical, customer-responsive, or spiritual?

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