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Leaders Creating Strong Culture in Organizations

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Can you discuss the following 2 questions in APA format and cite references please?

Thank you.

1) How can a leader or founder help create a strong culture in an organization? Can a leader eliminate culture? Explain.

2) What should managers of diverse work forces know about differences in values and spirituality among individuals?

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1) Leaders can create a strong culture by pursuing various strategies. First of all, it is important for leader to clearly understand the needs, preferences and factors important for motivating the employees. This can be done by engaging in effective two way communication with employees of the organization. Communication is key to understand employee's viewpoint as well as to developing strong bonding and trust among the employees. Further, it is also important to involve the employees in the business decision making and provide them opportunity to contribute or raise their voices and opinions, so that they feel like an integral part of the business. ...

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The expert discusses APA formats and references cited. How a leader or founder can help create a strong culture in an organization is determined.

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