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global/international/multicultural organizations

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Module Module Topics Readings Assignments

Examining and analyzing trends

o Assess the future of leadership within a global/international/multicultural environment
o Synthesize the essential leadership characteristics and skills into a cohesive image of the leaders of current and future global/international/Multicultural organizations

Connerley & Pederson, review all chapters
Goldsmith et al., Chapters 14, 16, review all other chapters


Write a research paper, analyzing, comparing and contrasting and synthesizing the characteristics and practices essential to leading global/international/ multicultural organizations currently, and particularly, in the future.

Include, in your analysis, information, supported by research, regarding the characteristics and practices leaders need to successfully create and sustain teamwork, conflict management, ethics, organizational cultures and diversity. Also, be sure to address the ways in which leadership characteristics and practices assist organizations in maintaining their edge in the current global/international/multicultural environmental trends.

Final Reflective - Description & Parameters

This paper should include an abstract, reference pages and appendices (if needed). The paper is to be typed, double-spaced and written following the APA form and style. The final reflective must contain the following qualities:

? Introduction (a statement of the problem)
? Literature Review (a discussion of the pertinent literature)
? Body (a discussion of how the literature relates to the project
? Summary and Future Research Recommendations.

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Even though excellent leaders having excellent personal qualities and abilities have been at helm of large organizations, these organizations have failed to perform, grow, and survive in the global environment. We seek to identify and understand the characteristics and practices that leaders require to successfully lead international and multicultural organizations.

Literature review.

The global and multicultural organizations are increasingly linking leadership with strategy implementation (Fombrun, C. 1992). Further, there is literature that links global leadership to ethics and ethical leadership (Boyacigiller & Adler, 1991). Further, the leadership practice of developing organizational culture has been supported (Nyaw & Ng, 1994). There is also support in literature that diversity management and the ability to promote teamwork forms an important part of global leadership (Graen, G.B., & Wakabayashi, M. 1994). The leadership skills related to conflict management are essential in the context of multicultural global organizations ((Brake, 1997).


There are several practices that leaders need to carry out to create and sustain team work. These include encouraging and collaborating across organizations. The leader does this through sharing of knowledge, technologies, and best practices. The objective of the leadership should be to achieve collaboration among the individuals n the team so that synergies are created. The basic fact is that lines of communication should be kept open. The success of the team occurs if there is a good relationship with the team members. The leader can develop successful teamwork if the project if she clearly defines the objectives, processes, and timelines. What the team leader is doing is that she is drawing on the strengths and abilities of its team.

One of the practices that Leaders need to carry out in the global context is to sustain ethical behavior. This means that Leaders need to get the high opinion and esteem for fair and just behavior as well as regards for compliance with the law. The leader needs to practice as well as ensure that his followers act with honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. The reason why the leader needs to behave in such a manner is that the firm has credibility. This enables the company to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in a sustainable manner. Business growth is possible only if the employees show ethical behavior. When the company faces problems, the company is sustained by people who have confidence in its honesty and uprightness.

Another practice that leaders need to carry out in the global context is to develop and sustain a strong organizational culture. In the context of global business, different units are located in far off places and in spite of modern communications have to make ...

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