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    Project Proposal: Marketing to Multicultural Audiences

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    Propose a project on "Marketing to multicultural audiences."

    Be sure to apply the concepts and techniques of the module to the analysis of real-world situations or problems. Use situations and data from their own experience where possible.

    The proposal should describe how you will examine an issue of multicultural management in greater depth, providing an analysis of the ways in which theory and practice influence management decisions regarding the issue.

    The project should:
    1. Identify the most critical problems faced by managers with regard to the given topic
    2. Outline solutions to the problems that you identify by using the theories and best practices presented in this module
    3. Cite real-world examples (please include examples from at least two different companies).
    4. Consider any ethical implications of both the problems and the solutions that you identify.

    Completion of the Final Project will require a thorough understanding and application of multicultural management concepts.

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    Multicultural Management
    The omnipresent management is at the center of each modern business organization. In regard to increasing globalization, the 21st century has seen a number of business deals and acquisitions that was not possible in past. Nowadays countries are coming closer to each other making use of business as a tool (Terry, 2007). However diverse cultures have diverse orientations and conceptualizations, so it also effects specific countries' business management. When large businesses start operating as a single organization they are required to operate with an approach that could manage all at the same time, in spite of some specific group or culture people (Ban, 1996).
    This concept of managing all at a time is known as multicultural management. It pertains to lessons or approaches that could be used at the time of managing different businesses all around the world. At present, mergers and acquisitions have become a widespread trend but association of two companies is not only reflected in their name but as well as in their management (Egan & Bendick, 2008). This could also be understood with an example of merger. Before merger two companies used to operate with different methodology or style but after merger without finding an appropriate solution the companies cannot approach their customers or employees (Multicultural Management, 2008).
    For resolving these kinds of situation, it is essential to adopt the practice of multicultural management that is also known as cross-cultural management. The practice of multi-cultural management can significantly assist organizations in studying the behaviour of people from different organizations of the world and train them to work with people from different cultures and clients (Terry, 2007). In this proposal, the topic selected for discussion of multicultural management is "Marketing to multicultural audiences". This topic will be discussed with the help of identifying several issues and solutions related to cross-culture management so that a firm can effectively market to its multicultural audiences.
    Issues related with Marketing to Multi-Cultural Audiences
    In present almost all organizations are operating at international level and this presents them with an advantage of significant growth and success. In modern competitive environment, it has become essential for firms to extend at international level as in this way only they can establish a positive image in the minds of its existing and potential customers (Oosthuizen, 2004). In this concern of international expansion, one of the substantial problems confronted by companies is multicultural management and marketing to multicultural audiences (Adekola & Sergi, 2007). When a firm markets a product at national level it significantly understands the needs of all its consumers.
    They develop marketing strategies according to their country's demographic, cultural and psychographic trends but in case of marketing to multi-cultural audience this situation becomes complicated (Elashmawi, 2001). Targeting consumers from different cultures is difficult as all of them have different cultural values and if their cultural values are negatively affected then they will never purchase a specific company product or service. So, it can be said that it is difficult and complicated to address multicultural audience and needs a well-planned approach (Oosthuizen, 2004).
    Nowadays, numbers of companies are marketing to multicultural audiences but all of them are not able to attain success due to ineffective management and lack of considerations of all audiences' culture (Oosthuizen, 2004). In addition to this, other substantial issue that can be confronted by a manager at the time of addressing its international audiences is ...

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