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    Selecting vendors

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    You are meeting with Pat (who is also the sponsor of the project), the vice president of human resources, and several other key project decision makers to review the approach you are going to take on the project. You are discussing the process you intend to follow for selecting your sellers (vendors), your timing of those activities, and the resources and scope information that you will need to create the request for proposal (RFP) and techniques used to evaluate the proposals.

    Based on your discussion with Pat and the rest of the team, prepare a project overview for Pat. Include your recommendations for the following:

    - The process you will follow for selecting the vendors
    o You may represent this through a combination of graphics and text, or provide a text-only explanation.
    - Information you will include in the RFP
    - Criteria you will use to evaluate and select vendors (new)
    - Milestones and approximate time frames for the entire selection process

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    Project Overview:

    A. The process for selecting vendors:

    When selecting vendors, you need to identify what type of vendor you are looking for, for your individual project. Places to look to select a vendor include referrals, previous vendors used for other projects, and to create a selection process wherein you advertise the need for services and review the vendors that provide their information to you.

    The process that needs to be undertaken to ensure that you select the appropriate vendor for your specific project includes:

    1. Understand what type of vendor your organization will require. You should set out in detail what the vendor will be required to do and what your organization needs.

    2. Review your selection possibilities. Then contact each vendor and meet with them to state your desired needs, the price that they will charge, and the time required for the completion of the project. You should provide each vendor with "an introduction of yourself including your contact information, a summary of ...

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    This solution provides guidance in reference to selection of vendors, timing of activities and the resources and scope of information you will need to create a Request for Proposal in the scenario provided.