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You are a project manager in the human resources department for a global investment management firm, LRH Financial. You are currently updating your benefits administration to an external company; this is expected to be a minimum 5-year operational commitment. As part of this move, you are revising your benefits options, updating the employees on the changes, revamping the intranet to include self-service benefits administration, and redeploying about 20 human resources benefits staff to new positions with the human resources department. The vendor that will be taking over benefits administration operations has not yet been chosen. Due to a lack of resources in the information technology department, a vendor will be used to update the intranet and train employees on the new self-service functionality. It is not yet clear how the redeployment of the benefits staff will be completed. In the past, this type of activity has been handled by a boutique management consulting company.
You just met with your boss, Pat, the Vice President of Human Resources. Pat emphasized that you will have responsibility for all the contracting, negotiating, and vendor management activities. You will need to work closely with purchasing and accounts payable as you complete these activities.

Question 1
You are meeting with Pat (who is also the sponsor of the project), the head of Finance, and several other key project decision makers to review the approach you are going to take on the project. You are discussing the vendor selections you will do, your timing of those activities, and the resources you will need to create the request for proposals and evaluate the proposals. Share your thoughts on the following points:
* parts of the project for which you will use vendors (explain your rationale)
* process you will follow for selecting the vendors
* information you will include in the RFP
* people (in terms of skills and time) you will need to participate in the selection
* milestones and approximate timeframes for the entire selection process

Question 2
Based on your discussion with Pat and the rest of the team, prepare a project overview for Pat. Include your recommendations for the following:
* process you will follow for selecting the vendors
* information you will include in the RFP
* criteria you will use to evaluate and select vendors (new)
* milestones and approximate timeframes for the entire selection process

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This solution talks about contracts and procurement. It then gives a project overview.

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* Parts of the project for which you will use vendors (explain your rationale)
1. The vendor will have to provide the information architecture needs;
2. The vendor will develop a new intranet design.
3. The vendor will be required to develop a content management system for benefits;
4. The vendor will have to create an intranet guide for users. The employees should be able to understand the uses and benefits of intranet.
5. The vendor will be required to rewrite key content.
6. The vendor will be required to carry out a content audit and migrate existing content of the intranet.
7. The vendor will be required to establish new processes for updating the intranet.
These are the parts of the project that can easily be done by an outside vendor. This does not require an intrinsic knowledge of the company. On the other hand there are several functions that will be carried out by the company itself. These are carrying out a review of the existing intranet, determining the intranet goals with respect to benefits, identifying and conduction interviews of the stakeholders, conducting usability testing, devising the strategic and tactical recommendation, getting management support and funding and developing a report that addresses these issues.

* process you will follow for selecting the vendors:
1. The process will begin with our making the request for proposal. This request will be sent to about thirty vendors.
2. The vendors will have to specify the price and also include information about their experience in working on HRM benefits project. In addition, they will have to inform about their experience in HRM benefits project.
3. There are at least eight vendors who have some experience of working with the company, each will be sent an RFP will be given to those companies.
4. All the proposals will be required ...

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