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Project Risk Management

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In the Marketing Department at LRH Financial, project managers do not have operational responsibilities. They manage multiple projects and leverage people from various teams within the marketing department. Because you will be leveraging individuals on a part-time basis from several teams, your stakeholders will include the line managers of each team. Thus, it is critical that each line manager understand your approach to the project, including your approach to risk management.

Paul, a new line manager, was just hired for the graphics team. You had a meeting with all of the stakeholders last week to begin discussion of the project approach and to identify potential project risks. During that meeting, it became very clear to you that Paul does not understand the value of risk management; he was very non-committal when you talked with him about the preparation work you need for him to do for this week's detailed project risk discussion.

Use the information from the scenario to prepare a persuasive presentation for your discussion with Paul. The presentation should be 15 minutes long (3-5 slides) and address the following items:

project overview and why risk assessment for this project is important (address risk management and its misconceptions)
needs and benefits of risk management for the project
rationale for completing risk management activities for this project
basic risk management activities and risk management process for this project
impact that risk management activities will have on your project management activities
Paul's role in risk management

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