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    How to select a vendor systems solution

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    How do you go about selecting a systems solution for your work? What do you think is the most difficult part of the vendor selection process and why?

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    Selecting a system solution can be a painstaking process which requires minute detailing, fact-finding, understanding processes, conducting gap analysis between current and proposed system, and assessing system needs. Some experts might argue but there are usually five high level steps that need to be followed in order to select an appropriate vendor that provides best-fit solution. The following steps may be followed for this exercise:

    Analyze business requirements:
    This is a fact-finding stage. Before selecting a solution it's imperative to identify, understand, and analyze the objectives and business requirements. This step may not be limited to this activity alone; it is also important to discover and understand any gaps or missing processes. A project plan might become helpful in conducting this initial and the consecutive phases for vendor selection.

    Search for prospective vendors:
    Once the ...

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    This discussion is about how to factor in on selecting a vendor system solution. It outlines the difficulties during the vendor selection process.