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Triple Constraints in Project Management

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Select a project with which you have been involved. If you have no experience working on a project, select any project on which you can conduct research. How were triple constraint (time, cost, and performance) priorities defined for the project? Were priorities communicated clearly? If so, how were they communicated to the project team? If not, what could have been done to communicate to the team better?

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The project selected for this assignment is the implementation of ERP software in my manufacturing organization. My organization had numerous software systems for different departments, such as HRIS for the human resource department, a separate accounting software for finance department, etc. This made it extremely challenging for my growing organization to integrate all the data. Hence, the need for implementing an organization-wide ERP system that integrates all the data and information from various departments over a centralized platform, as well as allows vendors and customers as well to ...

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Discusses triple constraints of time, cost and performance in project management

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