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    What are PM triple constraints? Assume you have just completed a project and met all project goals except cost.

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    1. What are PM triple constraints? Assume you have just completed a project and met all project goals except cost. How would you explain to the project stakeholders the results of this project? What would your recommendations be to meet all the constraints in the next project?
    2. What are some performance measurement systems? Identify three additional potential measures of your project. Why were these measures not selected for your project?
    3. What are some termination methods? What is included in each step for the termination phase of a project? What are the actions included in each step? Which step is most important? Why?
    4. When would it be appropriate to issue a final report? What are the sections which are normally included in a formal long report? Provide a brief description of each of these sections.

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    Importance of Project Management


    Project Management's Triple Constraints

    Project management is an important task of any project. The scope and quality of a project are influenced by three constraints which are as follows:

    Resource Availability
    The result of a project that is been completed recently with all the constraints, except cost, which is an important factor of a project that can be communicated to the project stakeholders with the help of all the data's and evidences with various communication and visual tools. Presentations can be prepared for showing the results of project undertaken (Lewis, 2007).

    Recommendations for Meeting all the Project Constraints

    The most important recommendation that can be given to meet all the constraints in the next project includes an advanced project plan. This project plan can be prepared by estimating the approximate time, cost and the resources required to accomplish the desired goals of a project. With this plan, project manager can efficiently and effectively balance these variables according to the changes arising from within and outside the project system.


    Performance Measurement System

    The aim of performance measurement is to assist ...

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    This solution discusses project management's triple constraints (time, cost and resource availability) with recommendations, project management and performance measurement systems, termination methods, and the final report. This solution is 682 words with four APA references.