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    Attributes of a Project, Project Life Cycle and Project Proposal

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    Can someone please help me answer the following questions? They only need to be at least 200 words.
    These are the last few I have:

    1. Project management cuts across many areas and applies to projects that can be classified as commercial, municipal, industrial, military, and aerospace, to name just a few, give an example of a large project that was successful or that failed and share with us why the project failed or succeeded.

    2.Using the concepts within the textbook, outline some attributes of a project, and describe their overall purpose. Explain how a project would be affected if any of the attributes were suddenly removed.

    3. Briefly explain the project life cycle. Take one of the life cycle phases, and thoroughly describe its importance to the project and the reverberating effects if a problem occurred during one of these phases

    4.Describe the importance of developing a project proposal. Provide examples of how a lack of an effective project proposal can make a project difficult to manage.

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    Answer 1
    London Olympics (2012) was a successful project for holding the Olympic Games. This project can be said successful due to conducting all the games, managing the events successfully without any issue and conflicts from players, audiences, team managers, sponsors, regulatory authorities etc. The major reason of the project success was involvement of the experienced and knowledgeable people with an access to all the required resources without any conflict. At the same time, realistic goals, strict deadline, understanding and commitment of all stakeholders etc. are some of the major factors that contributed in the success of London Olympics, 2012 (Camilleri, 2012). The project succeeded due to well planned objectives by Olympic Development Authority (ODA) with the consideration of all stakeholders and also pre and post games consideration (Francica, 2013). It is because these goals and objectives of London Olympic project facilitated clear roles and responsibilities among the stakeholders and helped them to accomplish assigned tasks in time. An effective project planning with well defined scope enabled all members to complete their parts as per requirements that led to the success of the project.
    Answer 2
    Project attributes can be defined as the characteristics of a project, which are used to ensure direction and communication of the project activities among stakeholders (Gido & Clements, 2014). The major project attributes are goals or objectives, start and end time, risk, scope, phase and ...

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    An example of a large successful project is provided. Some attributes of a project, and their overall purpose are outlined. Also, in this response;project life cycle is explained. Finally, importance of developing a project proposal is discussed.