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Leadership Skills Required for Multi-Cultural Situations

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What essential leadership skills are required in more complex situations such as one with multiple cultures? How can one improve those skills by a better understanding of the cultural aspects or are those skills ones that are more fundamentally lacking?

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We live and operate in a global market. In fact, as stated by Newman and Nollen (1996), "Globalization leads to standardization" (p. 753). Globalization has and continues to occur and organizations that fail to adapt to the global community are doomed. Regardless of geographical location or corporate headquarters, understanding culture is a complex process. Often times, especially a multinational corporations or organizations that interact heavily with international businesses, employees (regardless of organizational status) find it difficult to effectively communicate and relate to individuals outside their own culture. With today's modern day workplaces, there are individuals from many cultures and due to a lack of education regarding cultural differences, situations of conflict often arises.

Organizational leaders set the tone for employee behavior. This means that leaders must be ...

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This solution details various leadership skills used by individuals who have been successful in developing a cohesive multicultural workplace. This solution also outlines the importance of understanding cultures other than one's own. Further, this solution highlights timely research regarding multicultural leadership tips and techniques.

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Characteristics & practices essential to global/international/multicultural organizations

Module Module Topics Readings Assignments

Examining and analyzing trends

o Assess the future of leadership within a global/international/multicultural environment
o Synthesize the essential leadership characteristics and skills into a cohesive image of the leaders of current and future global/international/Multicultural organizations

Connerley & Pederson, review all chapters
Goldsmith et al., Chapters 14, 16, review all other chapters


Write a research paper, analyzing, comparing and contrasting and synthesizing the characteristics and practices essential to leading global/international/ multicultural organizations currently, and particularly, in the future.

Include, in your analysis, information, supported by research, regarding the characteristics and practices leaders need to successfully create and sustain teamwork, conflict management, ethics, organizational cultures and diversity. Also, be sure to address the ways in which leadership characteristics and practices assist organizations in maintaining their edge in the current global/international/multicultural environmental trends.

Final Reflective - Description & Parameters

This paper should include an abstract, reference pages and appendices (if needed). The paper is to be typed, double-spaced and written following the APA form and style. The final reflective must contain the following qualities:

? Introduction (a statement of the problem)
? Literature Review (a discussion of the pertinent literature)
? Body (a discussion of how the literature relates to the project
? Summary and Future Research Recommendations.

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