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Inclusive Leadership Analysis

As a consultant to a leader in a United States corporation, you have been hired to lead a diverse team in the development of a global organization. The organization in planting business operations in Greece, Singapore, Germany, and Iran and will be hiring employees from these diverse nations to work along with staff from the United States.

Also include the following:

Traits of inclusive leadership.
Analyze leadership skills to create an inclusive organizational culture.
Leadership characteristics influential in creating the organizational culture of this group.
How inclusive leadership can be applied to meet challenges and opportunities inherent in a global environment.

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Step 1
As a team leader hired to lead a diverse team in the development of a global organization, as a team leader, I will drive performance through inclusiveness. I will maximize and leverage the diverse point of view, abilities, and backgrounds of diverse employees in my organization. The team I will lead is already diverse. I will use inclusion for more effective talent management and more effective alignment and team performance. My organization is planning operations in Greece, Singapore, Germany & Iran, and will be hiring employees from these countries to work along with employees from the United States. I will use inclusion to increase the efficiency of my team. My team will become a high performance team. My team is diverse, and with inclusion, there will be an increase in collaboration, engagement, and retention in my company.

Step 2
The traits of inclusive leadership:
The traits of inclusive leadership include strong personal values, very rational, and high energy for excellence. In addition, the inclusive leader must have fortitude to make decisions in face of adversity. Also, an inclusive leader is self-aware, ...

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