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    Inclusive Business Example Concept Project

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    Shall have the following sections.
    Section 1: Description of the Proposed Inclusive Business
    Section 2. Inclusive Business Model
    This section describes how the business works and how the business will be implemented.
    Section 3. Potential Business Impact
    This section explains the potential impact of the inclusive business on the Operations and resources of the sponsor company.
    Section 4. Potential Economic Development Impact
    This section explains the potential impact of the inclusive business on the Economic development problem(s) or issue(s) it seeks to address. The Discussion in this section has to be supported by data and facts.
    Section 5. Key Success Factors
    This section identifies and explains the key success factors of the inclusive business. The discussion of the key success factors should be based on the Nature of the business activity and the features of the business model.
    Last Section. Reference List

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    Section #1:
    An inclusive business is a business that benefits lower income populations by including them on the demand or the supply side of the company's value chain. On the demand side, they serve as clients and consumers. On the supply side, they could serve as producers, entrepreneurs, or employees. **A possible inclusive business might be a fabric dying facility that uses only natural sources for pigment furthering and fostering the ideas of sustainability.**

    Section #2:
    An inclusive business works by pulling in low socio-economic communities and makes them active participants in the business plan and process. **For the company idea given in section #1, the community identifies sources of all natural, certified sustainable pigments for the dying process. People from this same community are also used to share ideas in the actual dying process. They help innovate the production line to increase load capacity for the vats, or perhaps develop new ways to impart pigment to the fabric. ...

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    This solution presents an idea for an inclusive business. It looks at possible benefits to the sponsor company along with lower income employees from the community. It also looks at how the example business addresses various economic development issues.