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High/Scope Theory for Preschool Education

Select one age group (infants/toddlers, preschoolers, or school-aged children) and develop an Action Plan for Incorporating Play in the Classroom. Provide a description of how the overall plan supports the developmental needs of the age group. Ensure that selected materials and resources are free of cultural and gender bias and inclusive of exceptional populations.
a. Analyze the research base for the Action Plan. What theory or theories support the plan? Why did the team select the particular theory or theories?

That is the assignment: Here is what I have and need: We've chosen high scope theory and preschoolers. Could you help me fit in the rest? I also need a good definition for high scope theory. Thanks so much. I only need around 250-300 words max.

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High/Scope Theory for Preschool Education

Theory selected: High/Scope Theory. The idea behind High/Scope is that children should be involved actively in their own learning. They "learn by doing", often working with hands on materials and carrying out projects of their own choosing. The adults working with the children see themselves more as facilitators or partners than managers or supervisors. High/Scope's approach encompasses all aspects of child development and involves teachers and parents in supporting and extending children's emotional, intellectual, social, and physical skills and abilities. Through designated key experiences for children, teaching and parenting strategies, and child-observation materials, the curriculum provides a decision-making framework. Within this framework, teachers design a classroom program that reflects the expressed needs ...

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The solution is 471 words with 4 references. A description of the high/scope theory for preschool education is determined. The theories to support the action plans are analyzed.