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    Contemporary Society and Early Childhood Programs

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    What changes in contemporary society and the family influence children and early childhood programs?

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    What changes in contemporary society and the family influence children and early childhood programs?

    Half of the life events that are most stressful for children are concerned with home and family. Changes in society greatly affect home conditions and will likely make child adjustment difficult. Some of the issues associated with these are changes in standards of female behavior; increased number of households with parents working, economic conditions, and the mass media can make the life of the modern-day child complicated. Certain home conditions can extremely influence negatively on children's personality and mental health, not only on present development but also in the future as well. The following are a few of the factors that are strongly associated with childhood and even adulthood psychiatric disorders: low social status, severe marital discord, large family size, paternal criminality, maternal psychiatric disorder and admission into the care of local authorities. Even if only one of these conditions is present, a child is likely to develop psychiatric problems than any other child. Recent studies also show that children can cope and adapt to short-term crisis such as divorce within a few years but if compounded by other stresses and continued diversity, developmental disturbances may occur. Another study conducted concluded that family relocation and family separation, father's entry and reentry into the family, and mobility in general has created families ...

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    The solution discusses the changes in contemporary society and the family and their influence on children and early childhood programs. References included.