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Family & Community Perception

Discuss how the family and community perception of young children and their education has changed over time. Why is it important for early childhood professionals to be aware of these historical events? Describe the contemporary family and its effect on the school setting. In your real-work experience, how do you address different families' perceptions on discipline, responsibilities of learning or desired type of family involvement?

This is my other paper topic. I know the last part of the question will be my part to develop, but would appreciate help with the rest. My paper is 2000+ words, so an intro of 200 words or so would be great. Thanks.

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Change is inevitable in all walks of life, including education. From its inception, the institution of education has undergone many changes - availability, techniques used, accountability measures, and more. One way that education has changed over time is in the way that students and schools are perceived by parents and community members. As educators, it is important ...

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This discusses how the perception of education of young children has changed over time, historical events and their importance, and the contemporary family. It provides an introduction these topics.