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The Blue Shield and Perceptions of the Police.

1. The term blue curtain or blue wall has been associated with police officers protecting one another from internal or external investigations. Why is there such a thing and how prevalent do you think it is? Is a separate society a part of any profession? Do you believe that a civilian review board might better serve the interest of the community when investigating allegations of police misconduct?

2. Since the early days of movies and television, the police have been a central piece of the entertainment industry. From television shows like Adam 12, The Shield, and Hill Street Blues, to movies like Dirty Harry, Training Day, Lethal Weapon and Die Hard, police have entertained audiences for decades. Do you think that these dramas actually portray the police as society views them or as the police see themselves? Further, is violence over represented and glorified by the police in both television and movies? What role do television shows and movies play in the public's perception of the police?

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1. The use of the blue shield is prevalent throughout the police culture because of the ingrained history of this practice. A subculture exists within police agencies similar to gangs, secret societies, or other clandestine organizations. This exists because police officers see and experience things that only fellow officers can understand. Therefore, they work together, engage in off duty activities during leisure time together, and confide in each other. It's not uncommon for officers to ...

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This article examines the commonly used term of a "blue curtain" or shield that insulates police officers from detection when they commit unethical or illegal behavior. The blue shield is the use of diversion and cover-up by fellow officers to hide or protect their comrades and fellow officers.