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Malcolm X's Biography

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Would you say that Malcolm X's life had a directedness, multiple direction, or lack of direction? Briefly describe his experiences with and relationship to white people during the course of his life.

It could be said that Malcolm X had at least two, possibly three conversion experiences: leaving Lansing for Boston and becoming "Detroit Red;" his conversion to the Nation of Islam and subsequent change of life; and his conversion to Islam following his pilgrimage to Mecca. Describe each one of these conversions and the changes in outlook and manner of life that ensued.

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Malcolm X's life had directedness since he aim to shift from a culture of inequity to a culture where African Americans had rights. Malcolm X had a cause for his activities and this was to push for equal rights for the African American community and therefore we can state that his life was directed.

Malcolm X's experience with white people shaped his perception on human rights. His experience with Klansmen in his childhood had a major impact on his life whereby his father was severely battered by Klansmen and his family terrorized by the Klan. The family migrated to Lansing to avoid the harassment but racists in the town attacked and killed Malcolm X's ...

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Malcolm X's biography is examined. Whether his life has a direction, multiple direction or a lack of direction is determined.

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