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    Transcendence and Transformation Conflict

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    What is the transcendence and transformation of conflict in the church?

    What are the conflict engagements in the church?

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    According to Professor Johan Galtung every religion has a different concept of transcendence. Hindu's believe that conflict can be deemed as a destructive force or a constructive developmental force. Buddhists believe that everyone should be accountable for conflict and that no one person should receive the brunt of the blame because everyone should take responsibility for the cause of the conflict. Christians believe inward reflection on an individual basis is necessary, because we can control our actions and can choose to react in a peaceful manner. For example, one of my friends (we'll refer to her as Zoe) has an issue with a particular pharmacist (we'll refer to her as Christina), apparently during Christina's shift Zoe is met with some form of conflict either all of her prescriptions are not ready at the time of pick up even though Zoe received a call from the pharmacy stating that her prescriptions are ready for pick up, or her most important prescriptions are missing from the order, and Zoe doesn't realize they are missing until she goes home. If Zoe's prescriptions are missing from her order, her insurance company will assume she received all of her prescriptions, thus making it difficult to prove that she never received her items, Zoe is then faced with the possibility of paying full price for her prescriptions.

    Under certain circumstances we would assume this was a minor mistake, but due to the ...

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    This problem solution refers to the concept of transcendent and transformation conflict. We review various religious philosophies of conflict.