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    The Effect of Public Policy on Early Childhood Educators and Student Development

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    1-How will public policies affect you as an early childhood educator?
    2-What is the relationship between early childhood standards and children's development?

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    Public policies are directly affecting the teacher of early childhood classes in our recessive contemporary society, and generally in negative ways. With the degeneration of our economy on both a state and federal level, educational programs that were slated for younger groups, are being severely cut back or discontinued in many cases. Federal funding for head start programs has been cancelled. State programs as well, will not be able to fund the head start program because in the 'big picture', most schools feel that they are expendable in the 'grand scheme' of education. In other words, many other programs and features of education are much more important than they. Pre-K programs are being eliminated in many districts all over the country, due to lack of funds. In other regions, they are being drastically reduced, so that the children may be going a half day instead of a whole day. Even Kindergarten, once considered a 'must' by most school districts, is being cut back. The salary of teachers ...

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    In approximately 650 words, this solution describes how public policies might affect teachers in early childhood education, as well as their impact on the students' learning and development.